t: 0207 408 5000 | e: office@quantamediation.co.uk
t: 0207 408 5000 | e: office@quantamediation.co.uk

Specialist Areas

Quanta mediates financial disputes in the following core areas:

Private Equity, Banking & Insolvency

  • breach of shareholder agreements
  • breach of fiduciary duties and misfeasance
  • misappropriation of funds
  • unfair prejudice to minority shareholders
  • breach of directors’ duties
  • fraud claims
  • warranty and indemnity claims
  • professional negligence claims
  • disputes between borrowers and lenders
  • mortgage default and foreclosure
  • disputes between hedge funds and investors
  • corporate recovery and liquidation disputes

Commercial & Employment

  • acquisition contract disputes
  • breaches of contract
  • warranty breaches
  • ownership disputes
  • distribution agreement disputes
  • joint venture loss of profit claims
  • leasing disputes
  • misrepresentation claims
  • commercial fraud claims
  • restrictive covenant disputes
  • remuneration disputes
  • compromise agreement claims
  • redundancy claims
  • unfair and wrongful dismissal claims
  • breach of fiduciary duties


  • leasehold enfranchisement
  • disputes between borrowers and lenders
  • claims against solicitors, surveyors, valuers and architects
  • rent reviews
  • dilapidations claims
  • service charge disputes

Examples of mediations worked on include:

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Private Equity,
Banking & Insolvency

​Private Equity Fund

Issues: structure and operation of fund, interpretation of terms – £2.6m

​Bank private equity division and fund managers

Issues: terms and calculation of entitlement, computation of bonus – £600K

​Hedge Fund and Chief Compliance Officer

Issues: contractual terms, share valuation – €3.5m

​Pension Fund

Issues: purchase of investment company

​Sale of minority shareholding in timber importing co.

Issues: powers of minority shareholder, valuation – £1m


Issue: directors liability for fraud to liquidators – £40 million

Corporate Recovery

Issue: liability of auditors for missing funds – £560k


Issues: termination of employment contracts of Directors and Shareholders in winding up of company – £900,000


Issue: valuation of football club – £5m


Issue: reservation of title claim – £10m

Commercial & Employment

​Bank & business owner

Issue: terms of deed of subordination – £4m

​Professional negligence

Issues: tax legislation, film finance scheme scope of duties – £750K

Pension fund consultants

Issues: duty to pension fund, value of investments – £4.78m

​Joint-venture agreement between Scandinavian and UK pharmaceutical companies

Issues: terms of contract, interpretation

​Automotive fuel filler pipe hoses – manufacturer’s liability for defects

Issues: engineering quality, consequential damages – $700K

​Decontamination of water and remediation of land contract dispute

Issues: interpretation of indemnity, exclusions – £986K

Engineering company

Issues: ​defective generators in hydraulic systems – £2m

Oil and gas company

Issues: faulty ​subsea oil pipelines – £12m

​Media company

Issues: film production software dispute – £1m

​Manufacturing company

Issues: faulty cake-making machinery – £1m

Director dispute

Issues: directors loan to company and value of shareholding; c/claim for negligence – £280,000

IT company

Issues: unpaid salary on termination of employment as MD – c/claim for unlawful use of software – £150,000

Employment contract breach

Issues: set up financial planning company while employed by claimant as financial consultants – £1.7m

Employee claim

Issue: unfair dismissal and sex discrimination claim, including unpaid loyalty bonuses – £2.6m

Employment contract breach

Issues: diversion of company funds and false expense claims


Valuers of residential properties

Issues: valuation, professional duty – £1.3m

Property investment fund and investors

Issues: contractual terms of investment, governance – £36m

Termination of contracts of director/shareholders in property and construction co.

Issues: value of shareholdings, directors’ duties, winding up – £900K

Landlord and hotel group

Issue: service charge dispute – £1m

Bank & Property development company

Issues: interest rate swaps & hedging – issues: contractual terms, nature of sale – £4.85m

Joint venture dispute

Issue: rights to proceeds of asset sale – £3m

Regulated tenancy dispute

Issue: valuation of property – 750k

Tenancy agreement

Issue: rent review dispute – £1m