t: 0207 408 5000 | e: office@quantamediation.co.uk
t: 0207 408 5000 | e: office@quantamediation.co.uk

Why Quanta?

Quanta was established by Alan Greenberg and Lawrence Kershen to provide a powerful mediation alternative for effective financial dispute resolution in a market that is typically characterised by a legal mindset.

A fresh approach

Quanta combines the deal making skills of a proven accountancy trained entrepreneur with one of the UK’s most established legally trained mediators. By combining business experience with legal understanding, these two CEDR accredited mediators provide a unique approach to maximising the prospects of resolving financial disputes.

Covering all the bases

Each case is reviewed in the preparation stage by both of us to ensure that no stone is left unturned when planning the approach to a mediation. Often mediations will be facilitated in full or in part by both of us.